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Our company is based in St. Petersburg, Russia and we offer a wide spectrum of services in Software Development.
We are a team of professionals specializing in development of custom-made software.
Our engineers have deep knowledge and practical experience in many areas of software development. In addition to the permanent staff we have a pool of experts in various areas of IT.

 Our Products:

A-Number CRM (Customer Relationship Management)

Contact information, relationships, business opportunities, orders, sales activities, marketing campaigns, planning, reporting and more can be handled by A-Number CRM helping you make the right business decisions...

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Backup for MS SQL Server

A-Number backup for MS SQL Server program is used
for automation creation of database archives which is
working under control of MS SQL Server, and for quick
restoration of databases from backup copy.
Windows servers of 2000 – 2012 years are supported
by this program. The program simultaneously working
with all SQL servers which is situated at the local

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Sherlock Holmes

The program is used for identifying if two different texts (e.g. forum comments, e-mail messages, office memos, etc.) are written by the same person, after comparing them...

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