Quick Start

  1. Install the Microsoft SQL Server          Watch a video
  2. Install the A-Number CRM           Watch a video
  3. Design the blueprint of the structure of the future database: start with deciding which data you want in the database, then sketch the structure based on those decisions
  4. Create a Microsoft Excel spreadsheet containing your structure and, your data if you already have some           Watch a video
  5. Perform import with fields creation           Watch a video
  6. Edit the Lookup Tables            Watch a video
  7. Define the tree structure of the database            Watch a video
  8. Assign records to branches in the tree           Watch a video
  9. Edit the Contact's Business Card layout            Watch a video
  10. Assign the field to be displayed in headings            Watch a video
  11. Create Tabs in the Contact's Business Card            Watch a video
  12. Create groups of users           Watch a video
  13. Create new users            Watch a video
  14. Assign created users to groups            Watch a video
  15. Apply template to multiple users            Watch a video
  16. Create the necessary reports            Watch a video